Here at The Chocolate Bar our Chocolatiers strive to provide adept service. Through intensive training our chocolatiers are able to form, create, and produce gelati and chocolate of different kinds. Each individual is also acclimated as a skilled barista allowing for only the most traditional and original espresso-based drinks.

Our gelati flavors change year-round to accommodate the seasons, holidays, and of course our loyal customers. Here gelato is made daily to maintain our standards of freshness and taste using only the best, natural ingredients possible.

The chocolate here is intricately woven daily creating textures, combinations and presentations that just don't catch the eye, but also satiate your craving for the creamiest, decadent chocolate around. Available in milk, dark and white chocolate, we have a variety of sophisticated desserts for everyone.

Brewed fresh are espresso-based beverages including but not limited to lattés, cappuccinos and mochas. Our delectable hot chocolate is made fresh at the moment using milk and dark chocolate in our warm vats, which are used to produce our creamy chocolate desserts.  

Also available are platters, trays and gelato cakes which are only made-to-order. Our platters and trays can be mixed and matched upon request with any specific kind of desserts and professionally packaged to your taste. They are a great impression at parties, gatherings and events, both personal and corporate. Our gelato cakes are excellent for birthdays and other events, made with any of the flavors of gelato available that you request. Covered flawlessly in chocolate your gelato is perfectly sealed until you cut in for that first rich slice.  

Visit The Chocolate Bar today and experience some succulent confections!

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